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  • Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress

    Maya is a force of nature: wherever she goes, havoc and destruction follows. Men lose control, and become her playthings; while women become so jealous they are led to their doom. Each episode is a tale of a different Maya in a different world. Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress

  • Kangoku Senkan

    Lieri Bishop, an up-and-coming New Solar Commander, and her aide, Major Naomi Evans. board a battleship to earth to report the Neo Terrors’ crimes to the Universal Federeation. The captain of the ship and of the Neo Terrors, Donny Bogan, has had a grudge on them since four years ago…

  • Mezzo Forte

    Mikura, a member of a mercenary team, is asked to kidnap a baseball owner, Momokichi Momoi. The problem is that Momokichi is well connected with the mob and his daughter, Momomi, is a skilled shooter. Mikura and her team have to find a way to get the mission done and…

  • Nymphs of the Stratosphere

    In the near future, the world as we know it has been spoiled by our negligence. From the stratosphere come five beautiful nymphs in the shape of angels, bearing the fragrance of forbidden fruit. It appears their desire is to bring pleasure to the devastated human race. A young programmer…

  • Sex Warrior Pudding

    There is a small restaurant whose hostesses are in secret members of an organization who fights a mysterious villain. This villain sends out “Lividolls” to sexually torture women. When the hostesses, their leader is called Pudding, are send out, they also get “tortured”. But there is a guy, originally a…

  • Sexorcist

    Silhouettes are robots controlled by human thoughts, originally created to help mankind. When human thoughts turn lustful, Silhouettes can be very dangerous. Rika and Sandy, two Silhouette scientists, are drawn into the world of sex crime, to uncover the evil men who have perverted their creations and they will become…

  • Spaceship Agga Ruter

    Follow Taiyo and Kei on their journey in space, filled with laughter and skinship as they meet new friends and enemies in their search for the missing core of Agga Ruter. Spaceship Agga Ruter

  • Super Sexy Android

    Kenichi, a down-on-his-luck salaryman, runs into a beautiful (and naked) woman on his walk home from work and invites her to his home. To Kenichi’s great surprise, not only does the woman accept, but she just so happens to be an escaped espionage android named Pinky. With one fateful kiss…


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